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About dhekiakhowa bornamghar

Established in 1528 A.D. by Sri Sri Madhabdev, the disciple of Sri Sri Sankardev (the preacher & propounder of Vaishnavism in Assam & the father figure of Assamese culture) Dhekiakhowa Bornamghor in Jorhat, Assam. It is located at Dhekiakhowa village of Jorhat, 12 km towards the east of Jorhat town, 3.5 km away from National Highway 37. It is called a Bornamghar because of its historical association and large campus. A Namghor is a socio religious centre where assamese peoples assemble to pray and to discuss religious matters. The Namghors follow the “Ek xoron hari naam dharma, founded by the great saint, scholar, social and religious reformer Mahapurush Srimanta Shankardev. This form of religion is also popularly known as “Mahapuruxism” or ”Vaishnavism” which only worships Lord Krishna The namghar is spread over 13 bighas of land. The namghar and other facilities are maintained by a managing committee with donations from devotees. Besides the maintenance of the complex, the managing committee sponsors various social and cultural programs.

Photo Gallery

Dhekia flower

A hundreds of years old Dhekia flower, that is being preserved in the Bor Namghor. It is believed that a Dhekia flower is not easy to find. Flowering of Dhekia itself is a rare phenomenon.

lamp lit by Madhabdev, which has been
burning for the past 491 years

Dhekiakhowa Bornamghor's Vaishnavite flame creates record for burning bright for 491 years. The flame lit by Vaishnav saint Mahapurush Sri Sri Madhabdev in 1528 set a new national record for burning continuously for 491 years. 'India Book of Records' has been recognized as the 'lamp burning continuously for the longest duration'.

Some of Madavdev's auspicious and magnificent works

Naamghosa Written By Madhabdeva

Borgeet Written By Madhabdeva

Ratnawali Written By Madhabdeva

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